At Swept we encourage all of our users to submit all feature request that they believe will help improve the Swept product. We then take the most requested features, prioritize them in line with our strategic vision in the hopes to create the most valuable product available. 

On the bottom left of the Swept Web App, you'll see a text that says "Feature Requests". Click this to be redirected to our Swept community feature request board

How to Submit a New Feature Request

It's as easy as:

  1. Enter the feature name
  2. Describe the feature
  3. Click "Create Post"

Note: while you're typing the "Title" it will search and display any related features currently requested. If you see one that's what you want, upvote it by clicking the up arrow and add a comment.

To access directly:

Important Notes:

  • We encourage you to upvote all feature that you would love to see in Swept
  • We encourage collaboration - comment on any feature you feel needs clarification or needs additional details
  • Filter by "Showing ______" to see new, top, completed, in progress, etc
  • You will receive notifications when features change status or a comment is directed at you

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