Please note that the "Off-site Alerts" are only generated when staff are using the Mobile app and not SMS or IVR to sign in. 

Reasons For Not Receiving Offsite Alerts:

  • Location settings are turned off on your staffs phone
  • Location settings were denied upon app set-up on your staffs phone
  • Staff are signing in/out with SMS or IVR (visible via Payroll report)
  • Weak GPS signal - Swept only reports on GPS signals of high accuracy and removes any false positives so that you're getting the most accurate data. If the wifi is weak, if it's very cloudy, and/or the phone is running on a 3G network, a weak GPS signal could be present. This is simply a limitation of GPS technology¬†

What Can Be Done to Ensure You Are Receiving These Alerts?

  • Ensure staff are using the mobile app
  • Ask your staff to re-download the app and ensure the "Access Location" prompt is allowed
  • Verify that your staff are using the mobile app by examining the Payroll Report icons during their previous sign-ins

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