When your cleaner is at work and something goes wrong, do they know exactly who to call? How does your client know who to contact when they need your immediate attention? Swept offers you the ability to pre-program the phone number of your choice so your cleaners and clients do not have to search through their contact list wondering who to call for those important 1-on-1 conversations. 

How to Set Up the Support Contacts
Navigate to the Webapp, sign in as a Manager and click the gear button on the top right, followed by the "Settings" tab. Once here, input the number and email of the person you want your cleaners to connect with. 

Note: this can only be done on the Web app by a Manager . 

We understand that sometimes it's not one person in charge of all support so if a cleaner or client needs a different contact we've accounted for that. 

Setting Up an Override Support Number

In the Web app, click the "Cleaner" or "Client" tab along the left-hand side. Locate the individual and click the green "Edit" button on the far right-hand side inline with their name. All you have to do is fill in the "Override Support Number" with the desired contact information. 

How Do My Cleaners View the Support Contact?
Once they are logged into the Swept cleaner mobile app they will be able to click the gear button on the top right, then select "Support". Here they will be able to view and call the number, or click and send an email. 

How Do My Clients View the Support Contact?
Your clients will view the support information the same way your cleaners did once signed into the Swept client mobile app. 

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