This article will guide you through steps to add photos to cleaning instruction using your phone. If you are a manager and want to quickly add photos to cleaning instruction while you are on site taking photos with your phone, this is a GO TO article for you.

Step 1. Take photos

Take a photo of the item/ room that you want your staff to pay attention to using your phone.

Step 2. Edit photos

Use a photo editing software to add arrows or texts onto the photos. We recommend using Skitch. Please note that texts added on photos cannot be translated using our translation feature under cleaning instruction. Also, photos cannot be seen by SMS App users. (e.g. “Please clean here weekly” cannot be seen by SMS App users unless you have the same texts written as description)

Step 3. Upload photos to your computer.

We suggest using cloud storage service like Google Drive to allow your photos to sync between your phone and computer.

After you finished editing your photos using Skitch, save them to Google Drive on your phone and allow those photos to sync with your Google Drive on your computer. This way, you don’t need to connect your phone to your computer to transfer your photos over.

Step 4. Upload photos to Cleaning Instruction on Manager’s Web App

Click the “cleaning instruction” icon on the location you want to edit on your Locations page

Click on the “Edit Instructions” button on the right.
To add an image click on the “Insert/edit image” icon.

A pop-up will appear. Click on the file folder icon by the “Source” field.

Browse your computer for the image and click “Open”
Click “Ok” to add the image to the document.
Once your instructions are set click on “Save Instructions”.

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