Where Can I See Alerts?:

You can see the “Alerts” icon at the top right corner of your Website App.

When you have an alert the icon will show a red circle with the number of alerts.


There are six types of Alerts a Manager will receive: 

  1. Off-site Sign In
  2. Off-site Sign out
  3. Problem Report
  4. Cleaner Late for Shift
  5. Urgent Message
  6. Poor Mood Reported

Below are a short description of each alert:

Off-site Sign In/Out - If you have a GeoFence set up you will receive an alert when a staff member signs in/out of a location outside of the Geo Fence.

For more information on GeoFences please see the article "How to: Draw a Location Geofence".

Problem Reported - When a staff member signs out from their shift they are able to “Report a Problem” so that Managers will receive an alert for the issue in question.

This could be used to report an issue that affected start/end times, quality or how much the cleaner was able to complete of their cleaning.

Cleaner Late for Shift - When a staff member is late for a shift Managers will be notified. Managers are able to set when they are notified by updating their late settings by following the instructions below:

  • Log in to the Web App.
  • Click on the cog wheel icon in the top right and choose “Settings”.
  • Under “Notifications” enter the number of minutes you would like to set for receiving late alerts beside “Late setting (minutes)”.
  • Click the blue “Update” button.

Cleaners will also get an alert when they are 10 minutes late for their shift. This timing cannot be updated. Late alerts are sent based on each location's time zone.

Urgent Message - Cleaners, Managers and Clients can send an urgent message through the Location or Client message boards. This is done within the messaging feature by clicking “Mark as Urgent”.

Poor Mood Reported - Every seven days staff will be prompted for a mood rating when they sign out of their shift. If someone gives a poor mood then this will trigger an alert. These mood reports appear in the “Cleaning Report” as well.

For more information on the cleaning report please see the article “Using the Swept Cleaning Report


To view your alerts click on the Alerts icon. You will see various details as shown in the screenshot below:

  1. Filters - You can show specific alerts by using the filters at the top.
  2. Unread - This shows if an alert hasn’t been seen yet.
  3. Details - View the details of your alert.
  4. Archive a Single Alert - Click this box to archive the alert so it doesn’t appear in the list.
  5. Show Archived Alerts - Check this box to include Archived Alerts in your list.
  6. Select Multiple Check Box - Check these if you would like to archive multiple alerts. Please see below for this in use.

Best Practices:

Advise staff that “Urgent Messages” should only be used for the most important updates as to maintain the features integrity. For example use in the event of an emergency or when something is blocking your staff from completing their work.

Monitor “Problem Alerts” to see if there is any repeating issues like additional time or not being able to clean certain areas.

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