Congrats, your Swept system is in full tilt. It's configured, all of your staff are signing in, they're communicating through the app and now the data is flowing in... in the form of Alerts. 

The Six Alert Types:

  1. Off-site Sign In
  2. Off-site Sign out
  3. Problem Report
  4. Cleaner Late for Shift
  5. Urgent Message
  6. Poor mood Reported

Where to Locate Alerts and Why They Are Important

Locate all alerts by clicking the exclamation mark on the top right of your app:

Alerts are vitally important because they allow you to better understand your business and your workforce. Use the different filters to find out if:

  • A particular location is causing a lot of problem reports
  • A cleaner is constantly late or off-site
  • If you should check in with your staff  - constant poor mood reports
  • If you've made progress by expanding the date range - less late sign ins months over month
  • etc, etc

Off-site Sign In/Out Alerts

A GeoFence is created to determine whether or not your staff are on site. When a staff member signs in or out of a location from outside of the GeoFence they will trigger an off-site alert. 

Use case: Filter by cleaner and alert type to see who is frequently off-site.

Problem Report Alert

When a staff member signs out from a shift they are typically prompted with whether they want to report a problem or not. You should instruct your staff to include all information that affected the start and end time or the quality and completeness of their cleaning. It will appear under alerts, on the Cleaning Report and Payroll Report.

Use Case: Your cleaner had to stay late so they wanted to let you know why. Or, there was an unexpected banquet so they couldn't complete the scope of work - great to know so that you can proactively notify your client.

Cleaner Late for Shift Alert

As a manager, you have full control of when you get your late alerts. To change how quickly you receive this alert go to Webapp > Settings (top right gear) > Settings > Late Setting (minutes) or for more info, click here. If a staff member hasn't signed in for a scheduled shift in excess of your indicated late settings you'll receive the notification. 

For your staff, there isn't a setting but they will receive a push notification to their phone 10 minutes after their scheduled shift was supposed to start if they haven't shown up yet. 

Use Case: If a cleaner hasn't signed in, you can either reach out to them to find out why or contact another staff member to fill in as to meet the needs/expectations of your clients.

Urgent Message Alerts

Any Cleaner, Manager, Supervisor or Client can send an urgent message. Your team should be instructed to reserve this feature for the most important updates as to maintain the features integrity. Used in the event of an emergency or when something is blocking your staff from completing their work.

Use Case: A client needs something extra done while your staff are on-site, this will let you know immediately. Or, you need to change the scope of work on the fly for your staff.

Poor Mood Reported Alert

Every seven days your staff will be prompted for a mood rating at the end of their shift to indicate how they feel about their work for the previous week. All results will be captured in the "Cleaning Report", but only poor moods will trigger an alert.  Swept understands cleaning isn't the most glorious job and it's part of our goal to change the experience of the cleaning industry. This starts from the bottom up, and step one is paying your staff the attention they need to feel taken care of. 

Use Case: Your staff reported a poor mood after a tough week because of the individual they've been partnered with. This allows you to optimize their schedule to ensure your staff enjoy their work more.

The Take-Away

Alerts are very impactful and when used to understand your team they can dramatically increase efficiency and overall satisfaction of your team and clients. 

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