Why let you staff wonder about how many hours they've clocked this week or last when you can provide it to them live and instantly up to date? Swept's feature of Cleaner TimeSheets allows you to do just that. Here's how it works:

Cleaner TimeSheets will be visible to both Cleaners and Manager if you enable it. 

To Configure

  1. Request a Customer Success representative to enable the feature for your account
  2. If Manager Permissions is on for your company account, then the Admin Manager at your company must turn it on for each Manager by clicking the permission checkbox "Enable Cleaner TimeSheets"
  3. If Manager Permission is not turned on, the Customer Success rep will enable it for the Manager accounts at your company that wish to view this information
  4. Lastly, click the gear icon "Settings" in the top right and under "Payroll" populate the two fields, "Last Pay Date" and "Pay Frequency"

For Cleaners

Once enabled for your company, the cleaners will automatically see a fourth button, "Time Sheets". Here, recorded/worked hours will immediately be populated following the completion of a successful sign in and sign out. For contrast, confirmed hours will populate as soon as the payroll has been confirmed. This will allow staff to understand how many hours they clocked and give them an idea of what to expect on pay day. This is how Cleaner TimeSheets looks for your staff:

Protip: Confirm and edit your payroll daily or ever other day while information is fresh and to cut down on time at the end of the week when you're in a time crunch. 

For Managers

Managers will be able to view the exact same information but for all cleaners. There are four steps to viewing this information:

Note: TimeSheets must be enabled for each Manager who wants to be able to see this information. 

  1. Ensure "Enable Cleaner Timesheet" is enabled on your manager account. Your Swept Customer Success representative or the Swept Admin Manager at your company can do this
  2. Log into your app and click "Cleaners"
  3. Navigate to the employee you are inquiring about, click their name
  4. Click "Time Sheets"
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