Do you have cleaning instructions that are lengthy and detailed, or are there multiple cleaning types happening at one location? If so, you need to organize them. If you're going through the process of providing the necessary information for your staff, they should be able to find it easily. Follow below to see how to organize Anchors and create a table of contents.  

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Step 1: Type in your "Cleaning Instructions" for your location 

Step 2: Have your cursor at the beginning of the heading, then go to "Insert", and then down to “Anchor”.

Step 3: Then input the title of that section into the name.    

Step 4: An anchor will then appear next to the section title.

Step 5: Create the link to send down to that anchor. To do this, retype your setting title, highlight, and then hit the link tab on the far right. 

Step 6: You can then select from the drop down the anchor that you had previously made and hit okay. 

Step 7: Now that hyperlink will take you to that specific section. Make sure to hit "Submit" on Swept to save! 

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