You're a new user to Swept. You've just logged in to check it out, but you're looking at a blank slate. Good news, adding your data to Swept is easy!

Note: If you've just purchased one of our Swept software packages you have access to our Data Import option, which allows you to quickly import large numbers of locations, cleaners, clients and supplies via a spreadsheet. 

Click here to learn about the Data Import option (paid customers only).

Manual Data Entry (for free trial users)

All locations, cleaners, clients, and supplies can be added into the system manually, one at a time. Each must be done through the Web App, see below on where to access each of these functions. 

Adding a Location 

Generally speaking, a "location" is a site that you clean. Each location tends to be:

  • A unique address/name
  • A unique tower/building at the same address
  • An area requiring unique cleaning instructions
  • An area you are billing the client for separately

The above are simply guidelines to help you determine how to create locations within Swept. There are exceptions to the recommendations and it is completely up to you, the user, how you would like to create your locations. Please see the image below on how to add in a Location.

Required fields: location name, country and time zone.

Note: you can assign an unlimited number of users, supplies, and schedules to any one location. You can also create cleaning instructions that are as long as you wish. Swept does not limit the quantity of data any one location can hold.

Add a Cleaner

Required fields: Name, email or phone number, password, security pin

Add a Client

Required fields: Name, email, phone number, password

Add Supplies

Go to "Supplies" in the left hand menu of the web app.
Select "Manage Supplies".

Click the green button "+Add Supply".

Required fields: Supply Name, Supplier

Data Import Spreadsheet

All locations, cleaner, clients, and supplies can be added to a spreadsheet template, preformatted with all of the necessary headings. Contact your Customer Success representative for more information or click the button below to open a template. 

Once complete, please reach out to Swept Customer Success to import your data.

If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive and specifically Google Sheets, it is a fantastic tool. Click the links above to learn more about them. 

Note: please make a copy of the template, requesting access to edit this spreadsheet will be denied. 


Great, now your data is in! 

Next step, figure out what you want the Swept system to be able to do and configure it to your needs. Aka download our "Configuration Checklist" and watch the "Getting Started" videos you need!

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