Version 3.24.0 Release Notes
June 4, 2018

Welcome Center

New web app users will be greeted by our new Welcome Center. The Welcome Center is intended to provide those users who have never used Swept before with simple instructions on where to start and how to get the most out of their experience.

Empty State Pages

Each of the main sections of the webapp now have descriptions and instruction on how to get started for users who have not yet created an item. This should help new users understand some of the vernacular Swept uses and allow them to input their data more efficiently.

Timezone Display
The timezone is now displayed beside the time if it is different from the user’s device time.


Improved Scheduling Engine
The backend of our scheduling system has been completely overhauled. There should be no changes to existing schedules and all existing functionality is still present. Changes have been made to change to an industry standard implementation that should limit defects and creates a strong foundation for future feature development.

Streamline System Time Settings
The system now has two different time settings; location timezone and device timezone. All messages and alerts will be displayed in the device timezone. The following items will be displayed using the locations timezone:

  • Late alert details
  • Shift updates
  • Problem Reports
  • Cleaning report
  • Payroll report
  • Sign in/Sign out notifications
  • Payroll Reports

Feature Request Portal
Feature requests will now be directed to a new application that will allow for better organization and response to new feature requests.

Minor bug fixes throughout the application

3.23.3 May 21st, 2018


Location Address Auto-Complete and Verification

When adding a new location or editing an existing location the address field now uses Google to auto-complete the data. Once entered the address is now verified for accuracy, if Google is unable to find the location’s address a warning will now be provided to the user.

Location Timezone Default Updated

When creating a new location the locations timezone will default to the timezone your computer is set to.

Location Timezone Verified based on Location Address

When creating a new location if a Google validated address is entered, the locations timezone will be updated to match.

Location Timezone Validated

When viewing an existing location the app will now verify whether the time zone entered matches the location address and show a warning to the user is a mismatch occurs. 


Miscellaneous issues resolved in the following areas:

  • Alerts 
  • Scheduling

3.23 April 24, 2018


Timezone selection

We have updated the list used when selecting your company and location time zone. The list of provided time zones now matches industry standard. This will help with ease of selection and accuracy when selecting a time zone. Existing location time zones were moved to an equivalent offset, so there is no need to make any adjustments, but you may see a different time zone listed within the application. 


Miscellaneous issues resolved in the following areas:

  • New message badge count
  • Push notifications on various Android devices
  • Ability to sign in to two locations concurrently
  • Various stability fixes

3.22 January 19, 2018


  • Ability to save photos sent through the location or client message board
  • When downloading the payroll report have the first and last name of staff in separate columns to allow for sorting alphabetically by last name
  • An indication on the payroll report icons to show a cleaner has turned off location services on their device
  • Have your company toll-free number easily viewable through the settings tab on your Web App

Bug Fixes on Web App

  • Fix to the system settings not saving
  • Fix to have deleted locations historical cleaning records present on the payroll report
  • Fix to not being able to add an approved call in number to a location that was previously associated with a deleted location
  • Fix to pictures not displaying on the cleaning instructions
  • Fix to the time on a schedule appearing not to change when editing a repeating shift
  • Fix to enhanced translation to be functioning as designed
  • Fix to managers not receiving alerts when clients send an urgent message
  • Fix to cleaning time on the payroll report rounding being off by 1 minute

3.21 December 7, 2017 

New Feature - Drive Time Beta 

This new feature allows for the capture of time it takes for a user to get from one location to another for additional drive time pay. This time will be captured on the Payroll report for reconciliation.


  • Fix for the incorrect number of alerts showing when you have no new alerts to read 
  • Warning pop-up when deleting a location to prevent from accidental deletion 
  • Fix to have historical cleanings on the payroll report even if the location has been deleted
  • Fix to the schedule removing days incorrectly 
  • Fix for a spelling error on the approved clients screen 

Bug Fixes 

Web App

  • Fix for the incorrect number of alerts showing when you have no new alerts to read 
  • Warning pop-up when deleting a location to prevent from accidental deletion 
  • Fix to have historical cleanings on the payroll even if location has been deleted
  • Fix to schedule removing days incorrectly 
  • Fix for spelling error on the approved clients screen 

Mobile App

  • Fix for iPhone users who are experiencing issues with frequent App log out 
  • Fix for experiencing a blue frozen screen upon login 
  • Fix for the shift titles not showing up on cleaner mobile
  • GPS accuracy improvements
  • Overall App speed improvements

3.20.0 November 1, 2017 


  • Sort and download Payroll PDF by location 
  • Payroll icon indicating now GPS found 
  • Enhancement to images on Mobile App 

Bug Fixes

  • Fix for editing repeating shift giving an error 
  • Fix for manager not having access to edit cleaner still being able to delete
  • Fix for cleaner being able to sign in with IVR when not approved
  • Capture of GPS improvements 
  • Fix for cleaner showing duplicate schedule 
  • Fix to message board badge count being incorrect 
  • Fix to cleaner sign out issue when reporting a problem and then cancelling 
  • Fix to cleaner timesheet displaying accurate number when cleaning in progress
  • Fix to keyboard popping up when looking at location list 
  • Fix to push notification bringing you to wrong message board 

3.18.5 October 23, 2017

Bug Fixes 

  • Fix to location list not showing up on cleaner mobile 
  • Fixed to creating duplicate shifts when editing a single shift

3.18.4 October 19th, 2017 

Bug Fixes 

  • Improvements to GPS Accuracy
  • Fixed an issue that was causing the App to change the view based on a new message notification arriving 

3.18.0 September 14th, 2017

New Feature - New Shift Labels

  • This new feature allows managers with permission to manage the schedule the ability to assign a label to shifts. Once a shift as a label you can then filter in the agenda view or full calendar view.


  • Improvements to the speed the alert page loads
  • Cleaner time sheets now show as soon as they have been recorded time sheets show as soon as recorded
  • Updates to the alert icon that displays Red when new alerts exist
  • Improvements to the speed Late alerts are generated
  • Improved reliability to push notifications
  • Improved time to load schedule page
  • Improved security updates

Bug Fixes

  • Bug fixes to supervisor permissions 
  • Fix for issue that prevents alerts from being generated for every shift in a repeating series
  • Fix for issue that deletes shifts when edit is made to specific type of shift
  • Fix that prevented a previously assigned cleaner from being added to a shift
  • Fix that prevented the sum of hours in the cleaning report from being displayed
  • Fix that prevented some manager and supervisor messages from being marked as "New"
  • Fix for call in numbers that were not being properly formatted
  • Fix that was preventing the green "signed in" icon from being displayed
  • Fix for late alerts that were being generated every 2 min.

3.16.0 August 1, 2017

3.16 Releases a number of bug fixes, enhancements and our most voted feature request. 

Supervisor (Beta) - This new feature will allow Swept Administrators the ability to make any cleaner or manager a "Supervisor". This new role provides all the features of a manager but also allows the manager to be scheduled and Sign In and Out of a shift.  Time sheets will be recorded the same as cleaners.

Quickbooks Integration - This feature allows users of Quickbooks Online (QBO) quickly sync all confirmed time sheets directly from Swept into their Quickbooks Online account with a single click.

Paging on list pages - This enhancement drastically improves the performance of pages that load a great deal of data at once such as Scheduled, Locations and Supply requests. Pages will now load much quicker and will provide a simple button to move through the pages of results.

Geo Fence Reporting Enhancements - We have improved the reporting accuracy of off-site sign outs so managers.

Location Alert Filter Fix - This fix addresses the issue some users were experiencing when filtering the location name for Alerts.

Invite Cleaner Email Fix  - This fixes the issue experienced when clicking the link to email the cleaner their invite to Swept.

Message Board Message Fix - This corrects the issues some users experienced that resulted in messages for one location being displayed for a separate location.

More to come..

3.15.0 June 23, 2017

Web App Updates

  • New Beta Feature - Quickbooks Online Integration
  • Fix for payroll report not showing offsite sign out alerts
  • Fix for payroll CSV downloading calculation of total time
  • Fix for images not being displayed on cleaning instructions
  • Fix for issue when deleting recurring shift 
  • Fix for issue that allowed a cleaner to be assigned to multiple shifts at once
  • Fix for hours calculation for SMS notification of cleaner sign out
  • Fix for Public Survey IVR
  • Improvements in performance when generating PDF reports
  • Added new navigation links to our support and feature request tools

Mobile App Updates 

  • NEW Feature - Mandatory GeoFence sign in and out
  • Usability fixes in header 
  • Saving username on sign out 
  • Fix to changing password
  • Notifications open App in correct place

NEW Feature! 

  1. Mandatory GPS sign in and out - require cleaners to be onsite to sign in and out for a cleaning 

Features Currently Available for Beta Testing

  1. Quickbooks Integrations - sync staff hours to QuickBooks with one-click
  2. Cleaner Timesheets - allow managers and cleaners to see cleaning hours in app

Swept continuously develops new features but and we'd like to invite you to gain early access to them. 

Previous Releases

3.14 May 26, 2017 

  • Fixes for Manager Late Alerts 
  • Fix for off-site sign out issues
  • Fix for supply request badge count
  • Performance improvements to message boards
  • Support for all images sizes in message board
  • Fix for Payroll PDF filename
  • Usability improvements when scheduling shifts
  • Fix for issues when editing shifts
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