At Swept we strived to make an app that was lightweight, easy to use, and not data-usage heavy. The reason being, we know that no one likes draining their data but more importantly, we know asking your staff to download an app that uses any data at all can be tough. 

So, let's put it in comparison.

Data Usage

Part-Time staff (15-20 hours/week) = 20 MB of data per month
Full-Time staff (30-40 hours/week) = 30-50 MB of data per month

In contrast to some popular mobile activities:
Facebook = 80 MB of data per hour
Mobile Web Browsing = 60 MB of data per hour

Download Size

In addition to data usage, the overall size of the app must be considered too. Many phones do not have massive built-in memory so we decided to be mindful of this as well.

Swept download size = 17.4 MB
Facebook download size = 155 MB

Click here to download the most recent version of the Swept app. 

Note: Data statistics are accurate as per March 1st, 2017

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