Finding great cleaners is not easy. We often discuss hiring with our customers. Years ago when we were running our own cleaning company, we found out the hard way how much work went into finding and keeping cleaners.

There are two key insights that we learned over those years.  Leveraging these insights can help you not only find the best cleaners, but also retain them so you can concentrate on growing your business and not sifting through resumes.


For a position to be a good match, it has to be more than just a job to your employee. We found that our best performing cleaners were getting way more out of their job with us than just a pay cheque.  Sometimes it was how much they liked working with specific clients, other times it was the time of day the position allowed them to work. Some were motivated by the fact that the job let them earn extra income for their family while others were putting themselves through school. The fact of the matter is that our best cleaners could have been working any number of places but chose to work with us because the position was a good match for their life.  The key was that both our company and the cleaners recognized this.

We learned pretty quickly that the most efficient way to find a great cleaner was to find the right position they would be "great" for.  We became so confident in this approach (growing our company over 500% YOY) that we built a system that let us detect who was a match for a position.  

We've since turned this into a free tool that we hope the industry uses to make their hiring process more effective.  It's called and we hope it helps your company as much as it did ours.


The second insight was that we had far more "great" cleaners than our competitors did because we managed to hold on to them.  Losing cleaners happens, the industry struggles with turnover for a number of reasons. One consistent piece of feedback we heard from our cleaners was how much they appreciated the level of communication they got when working with us.  

Our cleaners made a point of discussing how much they appreciated the positive, but also constructive feedback provided to them. To our excitement, this was not the norm. Providing our cleaners with feedback from a customer about the work they did was huge. We made it a habit of making sure they knew the work they did had a direct impact on our customer's business. This communication was not only welcome from our cleaners, but unexpected. The insight was, that most in this industry are not recognized for the work they do, and when that happens, it has a significant impact on a cleaner's engagement and the quality of their work. 


Investing the time to hire not only for experience but also for match, then combining that with the recognition of our team, allowed us to maintain a turnover rate of less than 10% for the last 2 years we operated as a cleaning company. At the end of the day, this business is about people. Your company's product is a reflection of the quality of the people you have the ability to attract, but also retain.  We found investing time and effort into these two aspects of our business made us successful in our market, and we think it can for yours as well.

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