Swept's Interactive Voice Response (IVR) is designed to allow cleaners with no access to a smartphone or SMS the ability to sign in / out and report problems. This article will cover the steps needed to setup the feature with your cleaners.

Step #1 - Setting up Location Verification
One of Swept's unique IVR features is the ability to verify the cleaner's physical location when using the IVR to sign in and out. To verify a cleaner is signing in from a specific location, Swept uses the CallerID of the phone they call in from. 

For each location in Swept managers can set one or more "Approved Call In numbers". You can access this when viewing the list of locations. (See image below)

Here, add the numbers (using callerID) for each of the phones you would like cleaners to be able to use to sign in/out while on site. 

Note: We recommend using the physical phone to call a cell phone with Caller ID enabled to confirm the number to be entered. Be sure to use +1 XXX-XXX-XXXX as the format when entering your approved call in numbers.
Step #2 - Confirm Your Cleaner's details
For a cleaner to be able to use Swept's IVR feature they need 2 things. First is a valid account within Swept and the other is the IVR PIN assigned to the cleaner. 

When adding or editing a cleaner, Swept provides the unique IVR Pin (see image below)

This PIN is unique to each cleaner and is used to verify their identity when using the IVR to sign in and out at a location. To ensure managers don't have to remember what PINs have been assigned Swept manages these for you. Each cleaner is assigned one when being created but a new PIN can be generated at any time by clicking the "Generate" button. Once saved, the number is ready for use.

Step #3 - Communicate Instructions to your cleaners

Cleaners will need 3 pieces of information each time they use the IVR.  

  1. The specific phone they need to use at the location they clean
  2. The number to call to access the IVR (Included in your Welcome Email)
  3. Their assigned PIN used to verify their identity when using the IVR.

Note: If you're unsure what your company's assigned number for the IVR, simply open a new chat when signed into the Swept Web App, email help@sweptworks.com or call Customer Success directly at 1-844-612-6260

Summary Video

We've also included a summary video covering the process using Swept's Web App below. We've also included what cleaners will here when calling in so you'll know what they can expect.

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