Having cleaning instructions available within Swept is a great way to communicate what’s expected of your staff during their shifts. If you have any areas that you’d like your staff to pay particular attention to while cleaning, upload photos and make sure they can see them on Swept Mobile App.

Cleaning instructions will be available for cleaners who are using the Mobile App and the SMS App. These can be translated to cleaner’s preferred languages (English, Spanish, French, Hindi, or Simplified Chinese).

We hope that this feature will help your cleaners understand what needs to get done on-site and empower them to do a great job without having to call their supervisors for instructions.

Example Cleaning Instructions

Before Your Arrival:

  • Use parking spots furthest away from building
  • Get keys from the security desk located in the lobby - if no one is there when you arrive, you can get them by entering Lockbox code at the main door (you can view this code in Security lock page on mobile app - enter your security pin to view this)
  • Log your cleaning times by signing in/out to your location on Swept App

While On-site and After:

  • Lock all doors before starting and keep your keys on you at all times
  • Turn lighting on when needed and off when finished
  • Report anything unusual to your supervisors when signing out of a location
  • Post any information you want to inform other cleaners in that location(s) of. Your supervisors can see it too
  • Notify supervisors when supplies are running low or completely out by requesting supplies on Swep

Areas to Be Cleaned:

Elevator, all hallways, all washrooms and kitchen, Conference Room A & B

Equipment/Supplies Provided By Example Cleaning Inc:

Downstairs Janitor’s room: Water Bucket, Cleaning Kit, Rags, Industrial Mop Bucket (yellow) and Mop Handle, Broom and Dustpan, 24” Dry Mop, Toilet Paper, Paper Towel, Soap, All Cleaning Product, All Collection Bags, 1st Aid Kit # 14, Door Stops, Box Cutter, Wet Floor Sign, Vacuum and Attachments 1.25”, Feather Duster, Burnisher, Cart

Upstairs Closet: Industrial Mop Bucket and Mop Handle, 24” Dry Mop, Wet Floor Sign

Site Garbage/Recycling Procedures:

Garbage: (Clear Bag) - Collect all garbage on both floors from desks and common areas, change any soiled bags

Paper: (Blue Bags) - No paper collection from any desks. Collect only from common areas or holding bins

Shredded Paper: No shredded paper collected.

Recycling/Cardboard: (Blue Bags) - Collect all from both floors except for refundable or money back bottles (staff will look after these bins)

Compost: (collect in clear or blue and dump into outside green bin)

Remove from all washrooms, kitchens and common areas to outside green bin nightly

Garbage Disposal:

Garbage/Paper/Recycling: Place in designated outside shed/dumpsters

Compost: Dump into green bin in outside storage area

Everyday Duties:

Collect garbage as outlined above from all areas.

Clean all washrooms replenishing any supplies that are low - from Janitor’s room downstairs

Tidy all kitchen and kitchenette areas (wipe stove top, tables, sink, etc.)

Check upstairs rooms, steps and hallways and clean if needed.

Check all high dusting at desks (tops of partitions, bookcases, hutches)

No cleaning of workspace areas on any desks. Dust all other common areas like window sills, baseboards, open wall ledges, filing cabinets, etc. This dusting can be done on a rotation basis but not left until there is a dust build up

Clean high traffic glass as you go through building

Vacuum all high traffic areas (mats and floor) each night

Spot-vacuum any other floor space and upholstery where needed. Vacuum all other areas on a rotation basis so that a complete vacuum is done once weekly

Mop all bathroom, high traffic and kitchen floors nightly.

Spot-mop any other floor space that’s needed and rotate other floor space so that it’s had a complete mop once weekly

Monday-Friday (Suggested Routine):

All of the everyday duties must be done each day but not necessarily in this order

Start with 1st Floor and move up using the elevator

1st Floor: Hallways, Washrooms

2nd Floor: Continue with cart, kit and clean rags throughout the whole top floor and collect all garbage from desks and holding bins (sort garbage). You can dust at the same time as you work through the building and cleaning high traffic glass as you go. Also, check ceiling vents, window sills, high and low dusting, etc. Do these tasks on a rotation basis nightly or as needed

Stairwells can be checked/cleaned on this floor or the lower. Once all the above is done, mop all high traffic areas and spot-mop/vacuum any additional areas as needed

Once completed put mop bucket and floor tools away.

Turn off lights in all areas and move to lower floor.

1st Floor: You can drop full bags of garbage here to start fresh for downstairs. Vacuum and mop your high traffic areas, washroom floors and any other floor space that is needed. Take garbage/compost out. Tidy up Janitor's room and return on-site keys.

Once a Week:

Check for cobwebs (high and low).

High/low dust (window/door sills, baseboards, etc.)

Check vacuum bag

Make sure there has been a full mopping and vacuuming

Once a Month:

Check garbage cans and clean if needed

Check chair bases

Check ceiling vents/security lights, etc.

Clean the conference room

Do not touch contents on the tables

All chairs are to be pushed in

Areas to pay attention:

Pay extra attention to the back room and be sure to clear the tables:

Please check the sink and kitchen weekly:

Always make sure these garbages in the kitchen are clean, odour-free and empty:

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