Are you looking for a way to get feedback from the general public about the cleanliness of the areas your company services? With Swept Public Surveys you can easily capture this feedback which will allow you to pin point which location you may need a bit more attention and allow for individuals other than your client to give you feedback. 

With Swept, you can place this simple sticker anywhere you provide cleaning service to the general public to encourage feedback. 

To set up a Public Survey you will first need to visit the "Public Surveys" tab on the left hand side of your Swept Web App.  

If you do not see this icon please contact a member of the Swept team by emailing 

To create a new Public Survey click on the green "+ Add Survey" button on the top right:

This will bring you to the page where you can input all information for this new Public Survey 

Location: From the drop-down select the location you are looking to create this Public Survey. You can create as many Public Surveys as you would like for each location. 

Survey Name: Give the survey a specific name of where you are physically going to be gathering feedback from. For example, Food Court Male Restroom or Gym Shower Room 1.

Survey ID: This 4 digit code is generated by Swept for reporting purposes in order to link the responses to this specific survey. If there is nothing listed there click on the green "Generate" button and a 4 digit code will appear. This is the code the public will use when providing feedback.

Enabled Feature: Check off all the types of responses you are looking to receive from the public. Whether its problem reports, general feedback, or both! 

Allow Voice Feedback: You have the option to receive feedback from the Public through a voice message as well as through a text. If you would like to allow the public to leave you a voicemail, simply check off this box. 

Survey Description: This is where you will put in a brief description of what this survey is capturing. 

Survey Phone Number: This is a toll-free phone number the general public will be calling or texting in order to provide you with feedback. Swept sets up this number for you and should appear in the drop down.

Notification SMS and Email: If you, or anyone else would like to receive texts or emails as soon as someone from the public provides feedback, here is where you can list the people to get these alerts. If there is more than one, simply separate them with a comma. NOTE: If you are adding a phone number to receive an SMS please include it in the format +1, the area code, and then the digits of the number. For example if your phone number is (844) 612-6260 write it here as +18446126160 in order for the SMS to send correctly. 

Make sure to hit "Submit" on the bottom in order to save your new Public Survey!

NOTE: You will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader in order to edit the text directly on this page. You can download Adobe Acrobat here or contact a member of Swept's Customer Success team to help you create the stickers you need by emailing 

These stickers can be printed on Avery 22827  labels. 

Public Survey Report 

Now you will need a way in order to view all these responses in one spot. Under the dashboard section of Swept you will see a Public Surveys report. Here is where you will find all responses the public have provided on a per survey location. 

The report will look similar to this, once some responses have been reported: 

This report will allow you to sort by date range as well as by location, specific survey, and which type of response you were getting. 

If you have any questions or would like to walk through setting up a Public Survey, please contact a member of our Customer Success team by emailing

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