Mandatory GeoFence will allow you to prevent employees from signing in and out of a location when they are off-site. 

How to Configure (per Location)

  1. Log into the web app and navigate to the location you want to enable Mandatory GeoFence for
  2. Click the 5th button "GeoFence (GPS)"
  3. You will now see a checkbox beside the "Save" button that says "Enable Mandatory GeoFence Sign in/out" (see image below)
  4. Once this is checked a confirmation window will pop up, press "Okay"
  5. Then click "Save" to complete

How to Configure (per Cleaner)

If you have a staff member who you've exempted from the requirement that they must be on site to sign in or out you, can disable the feature as well. 

  1. Log into the web app and navigate to the "Cleaners" tab on the left-hand side
  2. Find the cleaner account you wish to exempt and click "Edit" on the far right-hand side
  3. Click the checkbox "Disable Mandatory GeoFence Sign In/Out" 
  4. Click "Update" on the bottom of the page to save your changes

What Does it Look Like to Your Staff

When enabled, if a staff member tries to sign in to a location they will receive the error shown below.


Please note that cleaners that do not have data (wifi or cell) signal and/or Location Services enabled for Swept will be unable to sign in or out.

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