What is a Security Pin?

A security pin is a 4 digit code that your cleaners will need to access sensitive information inside the mobile app. 

How to Set the Security Pin?

Every cleaner must have a security pin, so to set it, simply navigate to that cleaners profile on your web app and enter it in the field "Security Pin". 

What is Security Information?

Any information such as alarm codes, lock boxes, container pins, etc, or anything you would like to provide to your cleaners that may need a secondary pin to access. 

Where do I Input Security Information?

To add any information you deem as sensitive, navigate to the "Locations" tab and find the location the information is for. Once there, press the second button titled "Location Information" and scroll down to the text editor titled "Security Information". 

How do my Staff Access the Security Information?

Assuming your staff have already signed into the app and are familiar, the first thing you'll have to do is provide them with their security pin. After that they'll follow these steps (as depicted below by sequential screenshots):

  1. Go to "Locations"
  2. Select Location to find more information
  3. Click the "Security Button" (beside Sign In)
  4. Enter Code
  5. View Security Information

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