When a cleaner does not have a smartphone, they can still sign in using Swept. The answer is the SMS feature. This allows them to sign into locations for time tracking purposes while accessing much of the same material the app displays. 

What Can Cleaners Access via SMS

  • Security Information
  • Cleaning Instructions
  • Ability to Request Supplies
  • Sign in/Sign out
  • Ability to Report a Problem
  • 7-day Future Cleaning Schedule
  • New Location Messages

Setting Up SMS

  1. Ensure the cleaner contact number is in +1xxxxxxxxxx format
  2. Assign the cleaners to the locations they will need to sign in for
  3. Provide your cleaners with their toll-free number (Note: if you are unaware of this number please contact you Customer Success representative).
  4. Advise your cleaners to save this number as "Swept Sign In" or something similar.
  5. Ask them to sign in by texting "Hello" or "Hola". Ensure they always use a capital "H" or the system will not recognize the keyword.
  6. To verify they have signed in, click on "Reports" on the left side of the Swept website, then "Cleanings". Their name will appear at the top of the list with the text "In Progress". Alternatively, you can view the "Locations" tab on your mobile app and their sign-in will be displayed by a green person icon beside the location name.

How Can Cleaners Interact with SMS feature?

To understand how the cleaners can use and interact with the SMS feature please see: "Cleaners Guide to Using SMS Sign-in - Video"

As an example, this is what the correspondence looks like:

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