Swept offers a simple and easy way for managers to measure the quality of their cleaners work through the inspection module. The bigger question here is why would a company care about doing inspections in the first place? 

Below outlines the top 3 reasons why companies like yourself benefit from conducting inspections at cleaning locations. 

1. Measure Better Quality and Improve Cleaning Results

The point of conducting an inspection at a location is to evaluate how the quality of the cleaning is compared to what’s expected. You can do this on a very broad level like per office building, or down to a very specific level like per desk in a particular office. This criteria is completely up to you. 

When you do quality assessments on a regular basis, you’ll be able to see as a manager which areas are hitting the mark and which are falling short. This will allow you to narrow in on the areas or specific building that may need more tender loving care. Over time these areas will improve in quality and your overall quality of service will increase significantly.

2. Improve Customer Satisfaction 

With improved quality of service comes improved satisfaction from your customers. They key here is to make sure your customers are aware you’re performing these quality assessments. It gives the customer peace of mind knowing they’re not the only ones who have to check to see if your cleaners are doing their job to a high standard. 

With Swept, you can share inspection reports with your clients and attach comments so they can see exactly what was assessed. If something was rated as below standard, your clients will know you recognized this and understand an improvement will be made for the next time. This will increase their trust in your management of your quality assurance. 

3. Increase Cleaner Retention and Engagement 

The not so obvious benefit of inspections is that it will lead to increased employee retention. How? Well, with Swept, you have the ability to share inspection feedback with the cleaner as well as the client. This gives you the chance as a manager to give cleaners praise for doing a great job, and let them know you value them and their hard work. They'll feel heard and appreciated, and will be happier to work for you and your company.

The other benefit is that you can provide constructive feedback to your cleaners. This helps make sure you have quality communication running through your company from top to bottom. If you recognize a cleaner is performing below standards it’s important to not only let your client know that you have noticed it and are doing something about it, but also let that cleaner know as well. The quality of the cleaning will only improve with increased communication to the cleaner as well. Completed inspections are kept forever, so you always have a record of how your cleaner performance has been increasing. 

By conducting inspections on a regular basis, you will notice an increase in the quality of work which leads to happier customers and ultimately happier cleaners. This will make your business run even smoother. 

If you are interested in learning more about setting up inspection on Swept, contact a member of our Customer Success team by emailing support@sweptworks.com or by watching this video here which reviews how to create inspection plans. 

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