In all great companies, communication is the cornerstone of success. Without clear and concise conversation with your people, expectations from one person to the other can fall short, or get missed entirely. No organization  encourages poor communication on purpose-- so why does it keep happening? 

Pretty easily, actually. Words get passed around quickly, verbal instructions are more time-effective (at least we think so), and we're all just plain busy. It’s no surprise that new instructions can fall through the cracks, even with your top employees. 

We’re here to bring you good news! Swept has the answer to this problem, and that’s our Cleaning Instructions feature. Even better news, we bet you’re already halfway there to putting it effectively in place. We’re talking a solution that harnesses accessible, people-first instructions for your cleaners. 

Consider the cleaning instructions you have for each site, which are probably on a clipboard in the supplies cupboard. Sure, maybe it’s been working well enough, but is it a foolproof system? What if you could take your instructions and put them in the palm of your cleaners’ hands at all times so that tasks don’t get missed any more?

You can! Let’s dig into how Swepts’ Cleaning Instructions feature is the one you can’t afford to overlook anymore:

Empowering Your Workers

We know the best type of business is a people-first business. When you take the time to give your staff the information they need, you’re setting them up for success. If you’re providing better direction, your cleaners will do better work, have more confidence and feel more appreciated. When you have a workforce that’s filled with confidence and independence it shows in your quality and retention. 

Getting Better Results Means Happier Customers

People don’t know something unless you tell it to them. That’s why accessibility to cleaning information is crucial. Cleaners will remember more, details won’t be overlooked and in turn, you'll have happier customers. As long as employees have access to the instructions during every shift, and those instructions are written well (see below for best practices) you’ll be miles ahead of most of your competition.

Measuring Employee Quality

Speaking of well-written instructions, if you’ve put in the effort, you’ve done your part. The rest is up to the cleaner and the quality of their work, which makes it easier for you as a manager to gauge their quality as an employee. Find out just how detail-oriented and attentive they actually are-- it’s great for performance evaluation.

Making it Easier to Do Great Work

Swept has made it incredibly easy for your staff to constantly have the most up-to-date instructions with them at all times. No more remembering week old conversations, or walking to the other side of the building to look at a three-month-old piece of paper. Convenience is king and the easier you make it for your cleaners, the more likely they’ll be to use those instructions and do great work. 

Leaving More Time for More Important Tasks

Make your life easier and give yourself more time for more important tasks. Once the instructions are written you can focus your effort on growth and operations. Whether it’s client communication, going the extra mile for current customers, running payroll, replenishing supplies or winning new business, there’s always more to do. So, take the time to write down instructions once, and reap the rewards every single day.

A Guide to Writing Great Instructions

  1. Clear, concise and direct
  2. Write in bullet form
  3. Add time intervals - group tasks in daily, weekly, monthly
  4. Add an update line at the top to ensure visibility of new tasks
  5. Write from the cleaner’s perspective
  6. Align instructions with inspections so their output matches your expectations

Want to learn more about creating great instructions? Check out our instruction article here

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