For managers with the "Administrator" setting enabled, Swept offers a number of configuration options that can help customize the use of Swept within your team. In this article, we're going to review all changes that Admin Managers can make within Swept. Please see below on how an Admin Manager Account type is created. 

How is an Admin Manager Account Type Created?

The Admin Manager account type is created by Swept. It is a permission set, added to the Manager account when the company and initial logins are created. Typically, this is only one account and is indicated by the name and contact information provided during the billing process. 

The Admin Manager can always submit a request to Swept Customer Success that another Manager account be upgraded to Admin Manager level. For security purposes, Admin Managers are the only account type able to make this request.

Note: The number of Admin Manager accounts are unlimited for any organization, however, it is recommended to only have as many as are required.

Managing Swept Manager Accounts

As an Admin Manager, the "Managers" button will now display in the left-hand navigation. This is used to access the management of Manager accounts.

Location Restrictions

This feature will allow Admin Managers the ability to customize the specific locations each Manager has access to. When editing or adding a Manager, the location permission tool will be shown. (see image below)

All locations that are moved to "Approved Locations" for a specific Manager will be visible.

Set Location Notifications

In addition to setting which locations a Manager will be able to see, the Admin Manager can also control which locations a Manager will be notified of changes for. 

This is particularly helpful if any members of your management team need to be able to see and access location information but do not need to be notified when Alerts, Messages, Supply Requests and Client Messages are sent.

Setting Manager Feature Access

Depending on the Swept package your organization subscribes to, the Admin Manager will have the ability to enable and restrict what a Manager sees when logging into Swept.

Enable Web App Access
When enabled for a Manager, their account can be used to access the web app. When this feature is not enabled, the Manager will be able to login to the mobile app but will be restricted from the web app.

Enable Client Messaging
When enabled, this feature will allow the specific Manager to view and post messages to any clients assigned to locations they are approved to see.  Clients that are not assigned to a location they are approved to see will not be viewable.

Enable Reports
When enabled, this Manager will see the "Reports" section of the Swept Web App. The reporting section is used to run full reports on all locations available in the system. This feature should be enabled if reporting is part of the Manager's day-to-day job. 

Enable Scheduling
When enabled, this feature will provide the specific Manager the ability to view and manage Cleaner schedules.

Supplies All Access
In some companies, specific Managers are given the responsibility to collect and replenish supplies at all locations, even if they don't manage them day to day. When enabled, this feature will allow the Manager to see supply requests from all locations.

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