On occasion, there is a need to have an email or text message sent to someone when specific events happen within Swept. 

As an example, you may want to have a text message sent to your customer when a cleaner arrives on-site. In another example, maybe you'd like to get a text sent to you when a cleaner reports a problem. This article outlines the steps to set that up. 

Additional Notification Types:

  • Sign In
  • Sign Out
  • Problem Reported
  • Off-site Sign In
  • Off-site Sign Out
  • Poor Mood Reported

Setting Up Notifications

Notifications can be found within the details of any location. Simply browse to the location you'd like to setup a notification for and click the Notifications Icon.

Adding a Notification

Once you've selected the feature, click the "Add" button located at the top right. This will open a new window where you can add a notification.  

The "Recipient" field is used to identify the person the notification is going to go to. In this case, we are going to send it to our client "Joe"

The "Type" refers to the type of notification, either SMS or Email. Select the type you would like to be sent. In this case, we are going to send an SMS message.

The "Notification" refers to the event you would like the notification to be sent around. In this case, we've selected "Sign In". This means whenever the cleaner signs into this location, an SMS message will be sent.

Lastly, the "Phone" refers to the cell phone number that you would like the SMS notification to be sent to. In the case that you've selected Email for the type, then this field will be updated to "Email".

That's it! Once saved, your notification will be sent whenever the selected event has taken place.

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