On the Dashboard landing page, you are able to view a list of reports that are available in Swept. If you click View More you are able to view additional reports. You can use these reports in different ways to stay updated and help gather information on your company. How many hours did John Smith work last week? What kind of supplies are the most requested? Our reports can be used in various ways. Below we review the reports that are available in Swept.

Who Can View Reports?

Only managers and supervisors with access to the Swept Web App and Reports can view any of these reports.

* When you make changes to user permissions for a feature, they should log out and log back in to see the updated information on their dashboard. 

Where Is This Accessed?

The Swept Web App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Dashboard in the left-hand menu.
Within the dashboard view, you will see a list of reports.
If you do not see the report you would like access to then click View More.

Below is details on these reports:

Cleanings Report - View and manage cleaners' arrival and departure times. If a cleaner is unable to sign in and out as their phone battery died then you can add their shift here as well! For more information see our support article on this: Cleanings Report

Historical Supply Requests - View any completed supply requests through this report. If you'd like more information about our supplies request feature and this report check out our article: Swept Supplies

Inspection Report - Swept's inspection feature allows you to evaluate how well your locations are being cleaned so you can get ahead of any issues. We have a video available on this feature and the inspection report available here: Using Swept for Inspections

Mood Report - Most cleaners work remotely from their employer and sometimes it's hard to gauge how they're feeling. Each week Swept asks how the cleaner is doing with a rating of unhappy, neutral and happy. Knowing how your employees are feeling helps with employee turnover. For more information on the mood report click here: How Do I Pull A Cleaner Mood Report?

Offsite Sign-In/Sign-Out Report - If you are concerned with sign-in/out times and locations you can set up a geo-fence with Swept and view any offsite sign-in/outs through the Offsite Sign-In/Sign-Out Report. Here are a few articles to check out: GeoFences and How Do I Pull an Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report?

Payroll Report - Download and view the hours your team has worked for payroll with our payroll report! You can download the information into a .csv or pdf format. The .csv format opens in spreadsheet programs like Google Sheets, Excel and Numbers. Learn how to run a payroll report here: How Do I Pull a Payroll Report?

Schedule Variance Report - Use the schedule variance report to keep track of how much time was scheduled to clean a location versus how long it took to clean a location. Check out our article on this report here: Using the Schedule Variance Report

Supply Requests by Location - Once you have purchased supplies use our supply requests by location report to drop off the supplies at each location. This report will show what supply requests are at each location while the requests are in progress.

Supply Requests by Supplier - Use the supply requests by supplier report as your shopping list when picking up supplies from your suppliers. This report will show what supply requests are at each location while the requests are in progress.

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