The new Swept dashboard replaces Swept's previous reports page and is now the landing page that greets users signing in to the Swept Web App. The dashboard has four metric cards and a list of reports available. Metrics provide quick insights about your team within Swept. Current metrics included are for hours logged, cleaners on site, upcoming shifts, and locations. 

Who Can View the Swept Dashboard?

Managers and supervisors with access to the Swept Web App can view the dashboard. 

What is visible on a user’s dashboard depends upon their permissions. View more information on manager permissions here:  What Are the Different Manager Permissions? 

* When you make changes to user permissions for a feature, they should log out and log back in to see the updated information on their dashboard. 

Where is This Accessed?

The Swept Web App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Dashboard in the left hand menu.
Within the dashboard view you will see the following:

1. Reports - In this list you are able to view many of Swept's reports. If the report is not available on the list click View All for more. For more information on the reports in this list click here.

2. Hours Logged - The hours logged card shows the number of hours logged by your cleaners and supervisors within the last 24 hours. Click on this metric card to be taken to the Cleanings Report where you can view and update your cleaner’s shifts.

3. Cleaners On Site - The cleaners on site card shows you how many cleaners and supervisors are currently signed in and on site.

4. Upcoming Shifts - The upcoming shifts card shows you the number of scheduled shifts within the next 24 hours.

5. Locations - The locations card displays the total number of locations your company currently has in Swept. Click on this card to be taken to the Locations landing page.

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