The locations landing page has been updated with a new look with “cards” that display important metrics for your locations. You are able to update each location’s information through the Location List Menu which is accessible through the three dots to the right of the location. Below is a walkthrough of the new locations landing page.

  1. Location Reports - Location specific reports will appear here. This includes the Inspection Report which is shown above. 
  2. Locations Metric Card - This metric card displays the total number of locations your company currently has in Swept.
  3. Cleaners On Site Metric Card - This second metric card displays the number of cleaners currently signed in to one of your locations.
  4. Locations Search Bar - You can search for your location by name rather than scrolling through your location list for your location.
  5. + Add Location - Click + Add Location to add another location to Swept.
  6. Location List Menu - These three dots are where you access a menu of features used to update your location. See further information on this below.

Within the Location List Menu, you are able to update location information. Below is a list of what appears in this menu and a description of each feature.

  1. Cleanings - View the cleanings completed or in progress at this location. A cleaning is a shift that a cleaner signs in and out of. You can update the arrival and departure times as well as manually add a shift that may need to be added. For more information see the following article on Using the Swept Cleaning Report.
  2. Location Information - Update your location's address and security information.
  3. Schedule - View and update the schedule for this location. For more information see the following article on Using Swept for Scheduling.
  4. Cleaning Instructions - Create a set of cleaning instructions for your cleaners to view. For more information see the following article: How Do I Add Cleaning Instructions?
  5. Geo-fence - Draw or update a geo-fence for this location. A geo-fence is a customized fence you draw around a location to determine if your cleaners and/or supervisors are signing in/out within that location. This is done using GPS. For more information see the following article on GeoFences.
  6. Approved Call In Numbers - This is only available with IVR. IVR allows cleaners to sign in/out from a landline at a location. Update your approved call-in numbers for IVR sign in/out. For more information see the following article on Manager's Guide to Setting up IVR.
  7. Approved Cleaners - Approve or unapprove cleaners to this location. Cleaners who are not approved to the location will not see the location in their location list in the mobile app.
  8. Approved Clients - Assign or unassign clients to this location. Clients not assigned to a location will be unable to be communicated with using Client Messaging.
  9. Supplies - Assign supplies to this location so your team is able to request supplies and complete supply requests. For more information see the following article on Assigning Supplies to a Location.
  10. Notifications - Allow notifications to be sent via SMS or email to a specific number/email for Sign In, Sign Out, Problem Reported, Offsite Sign In, Offsite Sign Out and Poor Mood Reported. For more information see the following article on Sending Email and SMS Notifications to Non-Swept Users.
  11. Messaging - Converse with Cleaners and Managers that are approved to this location.
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