Swept allows you to manage your supplies and so much more! Access these features through the Swept "Supplies" landing page. You are able to add supplies and suppliers so your cleaners, managers, and supervisors are able to request supplies through the mobile app that can then be viewed on the mobile or web app to be completed.

Managing Supplies

In order to update supplies through our supplies landing page, you must first create/edit your list of suppliers.  To do this, click "Manage Suppliers". Enter  the supplier details. Check out our article How Do I Add a Supplier? for details on adding a supplier. Once your supplier is added then you can add your supplies by clicking "Manage Supplies". Enter as many detail as required. For more information on adding supplies view our article How To Add-Edit-Delete Supplies.

Supply Requests

You can manage your requests through Swept's "Supply Request" feature. View how many supply requests are in progress on the supplies landing page. Cleaners, managers, and supervisors are able to request supplies using the mobile app. Running low on supplies? Sign in to the mobile app and enter how much of each supply is remaining, and how much is needed. For further information on this check out How To Request Supplies. Your team will then be updated and able to update and fulfill the request, so next time a cleaner is working at that location it’ll be fully stocked. Check out how to complete supply requests here: How Do I Complete Supply Requests?


A few reports are available in Swept on the "Supplies" landing page. Before you purchase your supplies you are able to pull reports of your supply requests by clicking on Supply Requests by Location and Supply Requests by Supplier. Gather information on your supplies and locations by looking at previously completed supply requests through Historical Supply Requests. Check out further information on this here: How Do I View Completed Supply Requests?

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