The new Swept dashboard replaces Swept's previous reports page and is now the landing page when users sign in to the Swept Web App. The new dashboard has 2 key elements; Metrics and List Items. Metrics provide quick insights about your team within Swept and are located at the top of some cards. Current metrics included are for hours logged, upcoming shifts, cleaners on site, and locations. Metrics do not have drill-down functionality at this time. Each list item allows you to access all reports currently available within Swept, and includes quick access to several features like Cleaners, Supplies, Schedules, Locations and Swept Payments (Swept Payments is US customers only).  

Who Can View the Swept Dashboard?

Only managers and supervisors with access to the Swept Web App can view the dashboard. 

What each user sees depends upon their permissions. View more information on manager permissions here:  What Are the Different Manager Permissions? 

* When you make changes to user permissions for a feature, they should log out and log back in to see the updated information on their dashboard. 

Where is This Accessed?

The Swept Web App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Dashboard in the left hand menu.
Within the dashboard view you will see the following:

1. Hours Logged - The hours logged card shows the number of hours logged by your cleaners and supervisors within the last 24 hours.

2. People - This card includes the Mood Report and an option to View Cleaners. Clicking view cleaners will take you to the cleaners page that allows you to add, edit, deactivate and delete cleaners. For more information on the mood report see our support article: How Do I Pull a Cleaner Mood Report?

3. Supplies - The supplies card allows you to view the following supply reports:

  • Historical Supply Requests
  • Supply Requests by Location
  • Supply Requests by Supplier.

Click on View Supplies to go to the supplies page where you can add, edit or delete your company supplies. For more information on viewing supply reports check out our support article: How Do I View Completed Supply Requests?

4. Upcoming Shifts - The upcoming shifts card shows you the number of upcoming shifts within the next 24 hours.

5. Cleaners - The cleaners card shows you how many cleaners and supervisors are currently signed in and on site.

6. Payments - The Swept Payments feature is only available to US customers. You are able to view the following Swept Payments reports:

  • Outstanding Payment Reports
  • Payments by Location

Click on View Payment Requests to go to Swept Payments. Unsure what Swept Payments is? Check out our article: Swept Payments

7. Scheduling & Time Keeping - View scheduling and time keeping reports by clicking on any of the reports listed. Click on any of the reports below for a support article related to the report:

Click on View Schedule to go to scheduling, where you can add, edit or delete any of your schedules. 

8. Locations - The locations card shows the number of locations you currently have in Swept. The following reports are also available with the card: 

  • Inspection Report
  • Survey Report (Public Surveys)

For more information on inspections check out our article: Using Swept for Inspections. For more information on public surveys check our our article: Using Swept for Public Surveys

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