Cleaning Instructions are a way to communicate what is expected of your staff during their shifts at each location they are cleaning. When your customers give you their requirements, they may provide a list in a spreadsheet (Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers). You are able to copy and paste from the spreadsheet in to Swept however the formatting may cause the table to not appear fully in the mobile app as you cannot scroll side to side within Cleaning Instructions. We give step by step instructions below to help you copy and paste this information quickly and easily.

Who Can Update Cleaning Instructions?:

Managers and supervisors are able to add cleaning instructions to Swept.

Where Is This Accessed?:

The Swept Website App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Locations in the left hand menu.
Click on the three dots to the right of the location you would like to add instructions to and choose Cleaning instructions.

To add or edit the instructions click Edit Instructions.
Copy your table from your spreadsheet program.
Within the description box paste the information by using the shortcut ctrl+v (PC) or cmd+v (Mac). You can also paste by selecting Paste under Edit within your browser menu.
Click within the table and you will see a menu appear below the table.
Click on the first icon for Table Properties.

In the Width field we suggest limiting the width to 350px. This will resize the width of the table to 350 pixels which will have the table fit on a mobile screen.
Click Ok.

If all changes have been made click Save Instructions.

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