Cleaning Instructions are a way to communicate what is expected of your staff during their shifts at each location they are cleaning. By adding photos you can emphasize areas that need to be cleaned a certain way. Do you have a problem area that a client has complained about? Add a photo with arrows pointing out where improvements can be made. Have you added a new client that is unfamiliar to your staff? Add images so they can be aware of the area before they enter.

Who Can Update Cleaning Instructions?:

Managers and supervisors are able to add cleaning instructions to Swept.

Where Is This Accessed?:

The Swept Website App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Locations in the left hand menu.
Click on the three dots to the right of the location you would like to add instructions to and choose Cleaning instructions.

To add or edit the instructions click Edit Instructions.
To add an image click on the Insert/edit image icon.

A pop-up will appear. Click on the file folder icon by the Source field.

Browse your computer for the image and click Open.
Click Ok to add the image to the instructions.
Once your instructions are set click on Save Instructions.

How Can I Edit My Photos

Photos cannot be edited in Swept. We suggest using an app like Skitch that allows a simple interface for adding arrows and text to images. Please note if you add text to an image it will not translate with Swept's translation feature.

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