Add your clients to Swept for enhanced communication, and sending/receiving payments! Assign clients to their locations, so all managers and supervisors with access to their location can keep the client updated through "Client Messaging". When you create a payment request with Swept Payments, the client and their assigned location will appear in the payment request that is sent to the client.

Who Can Assign Clients to Their Locations?:

Managers and supervisors are able to assign clients to their locations.

Where Is This Accessed?:

The Swept Website App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Website App.
To approve a client for a location choose “Locations” from the left hand menu.
On the line of the location you would like to assign clients to, select the “Approved Clients” icon.

Under the “Assigned” column check the client(s) that should be approved to this location.

This automatically saves.

Additional Information

Multiple clients can be assigned to a location if you have multiple people you talk to. This way you can work with all people involved like the office manager, facilities manager, or business owner.

A client can also be assigned to multiple locations. For example if a facilities manager manages multiple locations, you can keep them updated on all of their locations.

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