Clients are able to pay their invoices quickly and easily using Swept Payments. Clients log in through their own web based client portal to manage their payments and payment requests immediately!

Who Can Access the Swept Client Portal?:

Only clients are able to access the Swept Client Portal.

Where is This Accessed?

The Swept Client Portal is available at


Go to and log in using the email and password provided by your janitorial company.

When you log in you will see the screen below.

Click the blue "Let's Begin" button, or select "Invoices" from the left hand menu to view invoices.

On the invoices screen a list of invoices will appear with the following information: 

  • The date the payment request was issued
  • Location
  • Due Date
  • Total Amount Due
  • Currency
  • Payment status (Paid, Unpaid or Refunded)

To view an invoice click on the line of the invoice to go to the invoice details.

Click the blue "Pay Now" button to pay the invoice. A form will appear below the invoice details to enter your payment information.

Click "Next" to process the payment.

Your payment will now be processed, you’ll be sent a receipt, and the payment request will be updated to paid.

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