Get paid faster with Swept Payments! Send clients a payment request and receive payment in days not weeks. 

Who Can Create and Manage Payment Requests in Swept Payments?:

Managers and supervisors are able to create and manage payment requests in Swept Payments.

Where is This Accessed?

The Swept Web App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and select "Payments" from the left hand menu.

If you have not done the initial set up of Swept Payments check out Swept Payments - Set Up

Click the green "Payment Request" button to create a new payment request. The system will prompt you to fill in the information shown below:

  1. Choose your client by clicking in the "Client Field" and selecting them from a list of clients. If the client is not in the list, they must be created and assigned to their location. Read more about creating and assigning a client here: How to Add-Edit-Disable-Delete Clients
  2. Click on the "Location" field and select the location this payment request is being created for.
  3. The “Location Address” will pre-populate with the address for the location. If there is no address for the location, you can enter it in this field and it will populate the address field attached to this location for you.
  4. Add the "Due Date" by selecting it from the calendar that pops up.
  5. Enter the "Total Due" for this payment request. A minimum amount of $1.76 is required.
  6. The currency will default to USD. Swept Payments is currently only available in the United States of America.
  7. Add a description of the payment request in the "Description" field. Here you can add your invoice numbers, terms and details of the cleaning.
  8. Click "Send" and a pop up will appear. You must click "Post to Client Portal" or "Send" to save the payment request.
  • "Post to Client Portal" will save the invoice to the Swept Client Portal but will NOT send an email.
  • "Send" will post the request to the Swept Client Portal and send an email to the client.

Sending The Invoice

When you click "Send" within a payment request a pop up will appear. You have a few options to customize this request:

  1. Send To - Add additional emails here or choose to send to another email address. The email in your client profile will pre-populate here.
  2. Subject - Update the subject of the email sent to your client.
  3. Message - This is the message that will appear in the email to your client.
  4. Personalize a message - Here you can add a message to your client with additional information.
  5. Post to Client Portal - This will save the invoice to the Swept Client Portal but will NOT send an email.
  6. Cancel - Cancel this request. Please note requests must be sent or posted in order to save.
  7. Send - This will post the request to the Swept Client Portal and send an email to the Client.

Once you have sent or posted the invoice this will be available for the client in the Swept Client Portal. Learn more on this here: Swept Payments - Swept Client Portal

Deleting A Payment Request

If you delete a payment request it is permanently deleted and cannot be retrieved.
To delete a payment request go to “Payments” in the left hand menu of the web app.
Use the search bar at the top to find your payment request.
Click on the payment request you would like to remove to view it.
In the right hand corner click on the arrow by “Send” or "Email Reminder" then select “Delete”.

A pop up will appear to ask you to confirm your deletion. If you delete the payment request it will be permanently deleted.

Click delete to permanently delete the payment request.

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