Cleaning Instructions are a way to communicate what is expected of your staff during their shifts at each location they are cleaning. Once you gather your client's requirements, you can enter these in Cleaning Instructions. This allows you to advise what they should pay particular attention to. You can emphasize areas and procedures by adding images to your instructions. Staff will then be able to sign in to the Swept mobile app, and view this information during their shifts.

Who Can Update Cleaning Instructions?:

Managers and supervisors are able to add cleaning instructions to Swept.

Where Is This Accessed?:

The Swept Web App. This is available at


Log in to the Swept Web App and go to Locations in the left hand menu.

On the line of the location you would like to add instructions to, click on the clipboard icon for Cleaning Instructions.

To add or edit the instructions click Edit Instructions.

You will now see a menu of formatting options and a description box. Click in the description box to begin writing your cleaning instructions.

Once you finish adding your instructions, click Save Instructions to save the information.

Below are some options for formatting within Cleaning Instructions.

Do you already have your cleaning specifications from the client in another document?  You can copy and paste this information in Cleaning Instructions.
Be careful with formatting as the formatting from the external program may conflict with ours, and cause issues. Check out how we suggest to copy and paste here: Cleaning Instructions - Copy and Paste. If you are copy and pasting from a spreadsheet program (Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers) then we suggest copy and pasting a different way: Cleaning Instructions - Copy and Pasting Tables.

Adding photos to your Cleaning Instructions is suggested for clarification. Have a specific problem area, or an area a client would like you to focus on? Highlight it by adding an image to show the details. Click here to learn how to add a photo: Cleaning Instructions - Adding Photos.

Were you given a document (PDF, Excel, Word etc.) that you would like to add? You can link to external documents within Cleaning Instructions. Check out our article: Uploading a PDF to Cleaning Instructions.

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