What Does The Error Look Like?

What Does The Error Mean?

This error occurs within the Swept Web App when you are approving payroll with a shift that is over 24 hours.
Sometimes cleaners forget to sign out of their shifts.  This will trigger an error to advise you that there is a shift on your payroll report exceeding 24 hours.  Managers will need to correct these shifts to show the scheduled departure time (and the number of hours to be paid for that shift).


The shift that is over 24 hours will need to be updated prior to approving the shift for payroll. Sign in and sign out times can be adjusted using Swept's "Cleaning Report". From the cleaning report you can search easily for long shifts (or short) to modify. You can do this by following the instructions below:

  • Within the Swept Web App go to "Dashboard" in the left hand menu and select "Cleanings Report" under "Scheduling & Time Keeping".
  • Search the date range of your payroll by selecting your dates under "From" and "To".
  • Above the results click on the "Time" header twice to sort the longest shifts to the top.
  • On the line of the shift you would like to edit click on the green pencil.
  • Adjust the shift by updating the arrival and departure date/time as needed. Under "Problem Reported" you can add additional information if you choose. If you update information here it will override the previous information.
  • Click "Save" to update the shift.
  • Repeat if additional shifts are longer than 24 hours or need to be adjusted.

You can now approve multiple shifts or the single shift as needed.

For more information on viewing payroll check out this article: How Do I Pull a Payroll Report?

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