What is a GeoFence and how are they set up?

A GeoFence is a customized fence you draw around a location to determine if your cleaners and/or supervisors are signing in/out within that location. GeoFences are set up by managers and use GPS technology to create an area around a location for cleaners and supervisors to login.

Learn the basics on setting up a geofence by checking out our How to Set Up a GeoFence article. You can set your geofence to be mandatory. If the geofence is mandatory and the cleaner/supervisor are offsite then they will not be able to sign in/out. Check out our Mandatory GeoFence article. If an employee leaves a site with a mandatory geofence and forgets to sign out then they will need to return to the site to sign out or reach out to their manager/supervisor to manually sign them out. Managers and Supervisors are able to manually sign out employees with Swept's cleaning report. Check out our article on Using the Swept Cleaning Report. 

GeoFences are used in other areas of Swept.

If people sign in/out offsite you are able to view this information within the Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report. Read more about this report here: How Do I Pull an Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report?

You are also able to view information on the sign in/out status of an employee within Swept's Payroll Report. Learn more about this here: Payroll - Sign In/Out Status - What Do They Mean

Having issues with signing in/out?

If an employee is having issues with signing in or out ask what error they are receiving. A few errors can occur due to various reasons. Click on these errors below to learn more:

Error - Unable to Sign In - You must be within the GeoFence created by your manager to Sign in.
Error -  Collecting GPS data, please wait...
Error: Please allow GPS for the Swept app to be able to Sign In/Out of locations.

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