What Does The Error Look Like?

What Does the Error Mean?

This error will occur under the following conditions:

  • Someone is trying to sign in/out of a location.
  • A mandatory geofence is set up.
  • Location services have been enabled on the device.
  • Wifi and/or data is enabled.
  • The device has an issue with GPS or a GPS connection cannot be made.

When a person signs in to a location the app will begin counting down from 90 seconds as it attempts to connect GPS for the geofence. If the app cannot collect the GPS it will sign the person in after 90 seconds so they are able to work their shift and complete their work.

How To Fix The Error

  1. Advise the user to sign in/out outside the building. Depending on the building and the location sometimes GPS has a hard time connecting to satellites. If you are outside the building this will increase the likelihood of a connection.
  2. Does the user have issues with connecting GPS on their device? If the user's device has a faulty GPS this can cause further issues.
  3. Disable the geofence for the individual cleaner. You can disable the mandatory geofence for a specific cleaner within the web app by going to "Cleaners" in the left hand menu. On the same line of the cleaner click on the green pencil on the right side of the screen. Scroll down the page to see the option "Disable Mandatory GeoFence Sign In/Out". Click on the toggle and it will change to blue then scroll to the bottom and click "Save". This way the cleaner can sign in to the location even though their GPS is not connecting.

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