Welcome to Swept!

Before we jump in to the set up there are a few tools that Swept provides that will help you with your journey!

Support Center
In the left hand menu of your Swept Web App you are able to access the Swept Support Center where we have various articles to help you out!

Swept Website and Free Resources
Swept's website sweptworks.com has many resources to help you out. Our Swept Blog includes article on the janitorial industry and managing your business. We also have some toolkits under Free Tools & Resources that will help you in different areas which includes "Hiring and Retention", "Marketing", "Operations" and "Sales and Bidding"

Swept Janitorial Academy Facebook Group
Swept has a Facebook group where our customers interact on various industry topics. You can also join this group by going to https://www.facebook.com/groups/sweptjanitorialacademy/ and answer a few questions to join.

Setting Up Swept!

Locations are the first thing you would like to set up when you get your Swept account. Learn how to add your location here: How to Add-Edit-Delete Locations.

A GeoFence is a customized fence you draw around a location to determine if your Cleaners and/or Supervisors are signing in/out within that location. Learn more about how to set up a geofence here: How to Set Up a GeoFence

Does your company have additional Managers or do you need someone else to help you out? Learn hot to add a Manager here: How to Add-Edit-Delete Managers
You are able to give Managers different permissions! Check them out here: What Are The Different Manager Permissions?


Once your location is added you will want to add your Cleaners so you can begin scheduling them and have them sign in and out. Learn how to add a Cleaners here: How to Add-Edit-Delete Cleaners
If you feel overwhelmed with using a new system start with adding a few Cleaners to use the system.

Invite Cleaners, Managers and Clients by email by using out "Invite" option. Learn how to invite users in Swept here: How to Invite Cleaners, Managers and Clients to Swept

Once your Cleaners and Locations are entered in to the system you can start creating their shifts and have the Cleaner sign in to start tracking time. Learn how to add a Schedule here: How Do I Create a Schedule?

Introduction Webinars

Watch our introduction webinars in the links below. Enter your information after you click the link then click the "Start the broadcast" window to begin watching!

Basic 101 - Set Up -  Learn how to set up the foundation of your Swept app by adding locations, managers, cleaners and schedules.

Basic 201 - Communication and Supplies - Now that the foundation has been set for your Swept account we will learn how to add supplies and communicate with your team/clients.

Basic 301 - Inspections and Payroll - In Swept Basic 301 we discuss customizing inspections and how to complete them. You will also learn how to run a payroll report within Swept.

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