January 30th, 2019

Alerts Fixes

We continue to work on improving our alerts system. We have made substantial progress in this latest release completing the work on Problem Report and Late Cleaner alert types. While we suspect other alerts types are working better than they were, we cannot yet confirm they are fully working. 

Seeing the results of these alerts fixes depend on having the newest version of the mobile app installed. Users with an older version of the app may not receive all push notifications and may still receive alerts titled as “Other” that were off-site and poor mood alerts.

As a result of this release we are closing several customer bug tickets related to Alerts. Because we cannot exactly reproduce every case, we suggest communication to these customers indicates that we believe we have resolved the issues with these alerts, but if they continue to see any issues please let us know. 

Supply Request Details

We have added a supply request details modal to the following locations in the app. 

  • All tabs on the Supply Request page
  • The Supply Request by Location report
  • The Supply Request by Supplier report
  • The Historical Supply Request report

The supply request details modal provides the user with additional details about the request that are not available in the table. It can be accessed by clicking anywhere on the supply request row. 

Supply Request Data Clean-up

Deleting a supply or supplier from our system was leaving orphaned supply request data in the system. This data was not useful and could cause confusion.

We have now implemented behavior that when a supply is deleted it will be permanently removed from the system, no new requests will be able to be completed and all open supply requests will also be deleted. 

When a supplier is deleted all associated supplies will now also be permanently deleted. These supplies will be unassigned from all locations, no new requests be allowed and any in progress requests will be deleted.

The user will be warned of this behavior when they choose to delete a supply or supplier and we also provide suggestions on what to do before completing the delete. We will still maintain any data for completed supply request for historical reporting purposes. 

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes

  • Highlight on approve users and locations juggler is now darker
  • Date range was returned to the Payroll reports PDF downloads
  • You can now use quotation marks in inspection plans
  • Supervisors now receive inspection reports
  • Archived alerts now appear in the webapp
  • Clicking save twice on a cleaning no longer creates a double entry
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