If you need supplies at a specific location you can request the supplies through the Swept mobile app! You are now able to request a specific amount of supplies and advise what is currently available. To view a video of this feature scroll to the bottom of the article.

Who Can Request Supplies:

Cleaners, Managers and Supervisors (Beta)

Where Is This Accessed:

The Swept Mobile App.


  • Log in to the Swept mobile app.
  • Choose “Locations” and choose the location you need to request supplies for.
  • At the bottom of the screen choose “Supplies”
  • Under "Remaining" enter the number of supplies that is left at the location.
  • Under "Amt Needed" enter the number of supplies that is needed at the location.
  • Click "Submit Supply Request".

*** The Supply will show as grey and cannot be adjusted.
*** The "Remaining" number will show as blank but the request will go through.

Supply requests are sent to Managers and Supervisors (Beta) to complete. They will be able to mark the request as complete so that it can be requested again in the future.

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