The latest release went live Monday, October 22. In this release we have continued to expand our foundation to build out our reporting capabilities.  There are changes in Payroll, Schedule Variance and Mood reporting, as well as enhanced sorting capabilities.

Payroll Report Changes:

  • We have enabled bulk actions in the payroll report.  You will approve/unapprove each cleaners payroll by using the checkbox in the individual cleaners card. You can also approve all shifts at one time by using the check box at the top by “Approval”. Once each shift is approved/unapproved, approve your entire report at the very top by clicking “Approval” and select “Approve selected” or “Un-approve selected”.
  • Sort By – The “Sort By” option is now a dropdown option. A new sort called “Approval” has been added. If you choose “Approval” all unapproved shifts will appear first and then approved shifts.
  • View a video on the Payroll Report changes here.

Schedule Variance Report Changes:

  • Location Totals – This has been removed in preparation for an upcoming export feature (scheduled for release 3.32).
  • Variance “Greater Than” Filter – The time options have changed to 15 minute increments.
  • View a video on the Schedule Variance Report changes here. 

Cleaner Mood Report :

  • There is a new “Cleaner Mood” report that has been added to the “Reports” page. You can now view and download all mood reports from your Cleaners.
  • View a video on the Mood Report here.

Along with the updates to reports, we’ve continued our ongoing bug fixes in the web application.

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