If you and/or your team are experiencing an issue while using the Swept mobile app, there may be a few things contributing to the issue. 

  1. Data services are not enabled for the Swept app on your device. 
  2. The internet connection is weak/unstable.
  3. If using data, the service provider for the device is experiencing issues/downtime. (If you believe there is an issue with the phone carrier of the device you may need to contact the company for support). 
  4. The Swept app is not up to date.
  5. The operating system for the mobile device is not updated.
  6. The mobile device does not have any memory left to use. (This may cause slowness to occur when using apps).
  7. There is an app(s) that conflicts with the Swept mobile app.
  8. There is a hardware issue with the mobile device itself. 

Some suggestions we can provide:

  1. If using data, verify data services are enabled for Swept. (This is typically found in your device settings). 
  2. Verify that the internet connection to the device is strong and stable. (Please note: certain areas in a building can block signals which may cause connectivity issues).
  3. Close down the Swept app completely.
  4. Close down all apps running in the background.
  5. Restart your mobile device.
  6. Confirm that the Swept app is on the most up to date version. (Click here for further details on how to confirm your Swept app is up to date). 
  7. Also, verify that the mobile device is completely up to date on the most current operating system. (This is typically found in your device settings). 
  8. Delete the Swept app and re-install on the device. (This will install the most current version of the Swept app to your mobile device).
  9. If it appears there may be an issue within the device itself, please contact the carrier for the device. 

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