With Swept you can keep your Clients informed using real-time communication. Your Clients are also able to let you know of any issues or feedback they may have. Managers should be able to see this information as it comes in. To ensure the appropriate Managers are able to view this information, check the following:


Clients are assigned to their appropriate location within Swept.
Managers are only able to see the Client messages for the locations they are approved to.  If the Client is not assigned to their location then Managers approved to that location will be unable to view their messages.

Approve a Client to a Location

To approve a Client to a location choose “Locations” from the left hand menu of the web app.
On the line of the location you would like to approve choose the “Approved Clients” icon.

Under the “Assigned” column check the Client(s) that should be approved to this location.
This automatically saves.


Managers Have The "Enable Client Messaging" Check Box Checked
You are able to limit the permissions each Manager has. If a Manager does not have access to "Enable Client Messaging" they will be unable to view any Client messages.

Managers Are Approved to the Appropriate Location Within Swept.

Managers are only able to see the Client messages for the locations they are approved to.

Managers Have Notifications Activated for the Appropriate Locations
Managers will still be able to see the Client Messages however they will not get any alerts of a new message being sent and the badge count will not appear with the amount of new messages.

Check the Manager profile to correct these issues.

Edit Manager

To edit a Manager, choose “Managers” from the left hand menu.
Hover your mouse over the Manager you would like to update and you will see a green pencil icon appear.

Click the green pencil icon and you will see your Manager information appear to edit.
Click the blue “Save” button at the bottom to save.

Enable Client Messaging

Below the standard fields is a series of permissions. Each Manager can have unique permissions to their duties. For further information on what each permission does click here to view the "What Are The Different Manager Permissions?" article. To have access to viewing client messaging you want to make sure "Enable Client Messaging" is checked.

Approve to Locations

Below the permissions, you want to ensure the Manager has access to the appropriate locations. You can approve the Manager to a location by clicking on the location under "Unapproved Locations" then click the > arrow to move the location(s) to "Approved Locations"

Notify Check Box

When you approve Managers to their locations you will see a check box to the right of each location. If this "Notify" checkbox is checked they will receive all alerts for this location. If they should receive alerts to all locations they are approved to you can select "Notify All" above the list of locations.

If you continue to have issues please reach out to support@sweptworks.com

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