If you're experiencing an issue when trying to load the Swept web app or you're experiencing loading issues within the web app, there may be a few things causing this. 

  1. Your internet connection is weak/unstable.
  2. You're not connected to the correct WiFi network.
  3. You have multiple Swept tabs open at once.
  4. You have too many browser tabs or applications open on your computer.
  5. Your internet browser is not supported by Swept.
  6. Your internet browser is not up to date.
  7. Your computer's operating system is out of date.
  8. Your computer has internal issues (hard drive issues, etc).

Here are some suggestions to help assist:

  1. Verify you are on the correct WiFi network by checking your computers network settings. (If you're experiencing internet connection issues, you may need to reach out to your service provider for further assistance).
  2. Check to make sure that you're using an internet browser that is supported by Swept. (Click here to view which devices Swept supports). 
  3. Verify your internet browser is up to date.
  4. Confirm you do not have more than 1 Swept tab open at one time. If you do, close down all Swept tabs except one. (If you are still experiencing an issue, refresh your page). 
  5. Clear your internet history/cache.
  6. Close down all current open tabs and re-open. 
  7. If issues still persist, restart your computer.

If you believe there may be issues within your computer internally, please reach out to technical support for your computer.

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