Swept validates phone numbers which allows international phone numbers to be included.

Who Can Update Phone Numbers?

Manager and Supervisors (Beta) are able to update phone numbers.

Where Is This Accessed?

The Swept Website App. This is available at


When you update a phone number you will first need to select the country from the dropdown before adding the number.

Once you select a country the country code will appear in the phone number field. Add your phone number after the country code then you will be able to save this information.

Updating a User Phone Number

If you are updating the phone number for a user (Cleaner, Manager, Client or Supervisor) a message will appear to advise you to let the user know that if they log in with their phone number to the mobile app they will need to log in with the new phone number and format. 

***Please note you can only log in to the web app with an email address.

Not a Valid Phone Number

If you enter an invalid phone number Swept will not allow the information to save and will show the following error:

If you get this message you want to verify the following information:

  • Do you have the proper country selected for your phone number?
  • Was the phone number entered incorrectly?

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