Clients are able to text the client message board where all managers approved to the Client's location are able to see the message and reply.


The IVR/SMS feature must be activated and the phone number set up. For more information on IVR/SMS see this linked webinar. IVR is used for Cleaners to sign in using a landline phone. SMS is used for Cleaners to sign in by sending a text.

How To Set Up:

  • Log in to the Swept Web App.
  • In the left hand menu click “Clients”. All clients will show on this page.
  • Make sure the Clients you would like to have access to this feature have their mobile phone numbers set up. This should be the mobile phone number that they are texting from.
  • If they do not have this mobile phone number set up then you can edit their profile by hovering your mouse over the Client and clicking the green pencil icon. 
  • Scroll down to the "Phone No." field and add the phone number they will be texting from then scroll to the bottom and click the blue "Save" button.
  • Make sure the Client is assigned to a location by going to "Locations" in the left hand menu of the web app and select the "Approved Clients" Icon (shown below). Check the Client that should be assigned to this location and it will automatically save.

How Does It Work?

Once the phone number is set up for IVR/SMS and the Client's phone number is attached to their profile the Client is able to use this feature.

  • To use this feature they need to text the IVR/SMS number provided by Swept.
  • Once they text this number the text message will appear in the Client Message Board for all Managers approved to that Client's location to view.
  • When a reply is sent in the message board it will be sent via text to the Client.
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