What is a Cleaner Mood Report?

When Cleaners sign out of their first shift of the week they will be asked "How are you feeling about cleaning this week?" with the following responses available to select from:

The mood report will show all of these responses so you can keep up to date with your employees morale.

Who Can Pull This Report?

Managers and Supervisors (Beta) are able to pull the Cleaner Mood Report.

Where Is This Accessed? 

The Swept Website App. This is available at https://app.sweptworks.com/.


Log in to the Swept Website App and select "Dashboard" from the left hand menu.
Select "Mood Report" under "Reports".
Use the filters at the top to narrow down your search and click the blue "APPLY FILTER" button.

If you would like to download the information that appears on the screen click the blue "DOWNLOAD REPORT" button. The mood emojis will change to the text "Happy", "Neutral" and "Unhappy" when viewing the reports.
You have three options to download this information:

CSV - This is a spreadsheet format that will open in programs like Excel or Google Sheets.
PDF - Location - This will download as a PDF and it will be organized by Location.
PDF - Cleaner - This will download as a PDF and it will be organized by Cleaner.
With the PDF options you can select to have the Locations/Cleaners appear separated on individual pages by checking "One group per page".
Click "OK" to download the file.

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