What is an Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report?

When you have Non-Mandatory GeoFences enabled and a cleaner signs in/out outside of the GeoFence, this off site sign in/out is captured in a report.  An Offsite Sign In/Out Report shows you who signed in outside of a GeoFence you have drawn around a location. For more about GeoFence's click here. 

Who Can Pull This Report?

Managers and Supervisors are able to access the Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report.

Where Is This Accessed? 

Reports are available in the the Swept web application, https://app.sweptworks.com/reports/.


  1. Log in to Swept and select "Dashboard" from the left hand menu.
  2. Select "Offsite Sign In/Sign Out Report" under Reports".
  3. Use the filters at the top to narrow down your search and click the blue "FILTER" button.

You will see below a list of offsite sign in/sign outs based on your filters.

4. Click on "MAP" under "Details" if you would like to see where the offsite event happened.
5. If you would like to download the information that appears on the screen click the blue "DOWNLOAD" button.
NOTE: You have three options to download this information:

  • CSV - This is a spreadsheet format that will open in programs like Excel or Google Sheets.
  • PDF - Location - This will download in to a PDF and it will be organized by Location.
  • PDF - Cleaner - This will download in to a PDF and it will be organized by Cleaner.

With the PDF options you can select to have the Locations/Cleaners appear separated on to individual pages by checking "One group per page".
Click "OK" to download the file.

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