A GeoFence is a customized fence you draw around a location to determine if your Cleaners and/or Supervisors are signing in/out within that location. GeoFences are set up by Managers and use GPS technology to create boundaries for cleaners and supervisors to login.  GeoFences can be used in two ways:

  1. Non-Mandatory - When a user signs in/out outside of the drawn fence Managers are able to view this within the Offsite Sign In/Sign Out report. Read more about this here.
  2. Mandatory - Users are unable to sign in/out outside of the drawn fence. There can be exceptions made for specific users. Read more about this here.

Who Can Create A GeoFence?:

Managers and Supervisors are able to create GeoFences.

Where Is This Accessed?:

GeoFences are created using the Swept web application and are accessed in the locations tab. 


  • Log in to the Swept Website App and click on "Locations" from the left hand menu. All locations will show on this page.
  • On the line of the location you would like to add a geofence to, click the upside down teardrop. This is the "GeoFence (GPS)" icon.
  • If you have an address included with your location then you will see a map which includes the location of the building.
  • Use the "Map" or "Satellite" option in the top left to update your view. Using "Satellite" will allow you to see the physical building.
  • Use the "+" and "-" signs in the bottom right to zoom in and out of your location.¬†
  • At the top of the map you will see an icon of a hand and one of a geometric shape. Click on the hand, this is to move around your view of the map.
  • Once you are ready to draw the geofence click on the geometric shape.
  • Move your mouse to the first corner and left click the mouse to lay the first point.
  • Move your mouse to the second point and click to set the second point. Repeat this step for the third and fourth point.
  • Connect the fourth point to the first point and you will see this appear highlighted in yellow.
  • Swept suggests only using a basic four point shape here. The GeoFence will cover everything within the lines and 100 metres from each point.
  • Click the blue "Save" button.

Learn how to make this GeoFence mandatory here: How to: Draw a Location Geofence

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