Swept has switched from our payroll report icons to a series of payroll sign in/out statuses. These messages allow you to see how staff has sign in/out of Swept during their shift. For more information on using Swept’s Payroll Report feature click here.

Inside GeoFence

The cleaner has logged in from the mobile app, GPS data was obtained and signed in from inside the GeoFence.

Outside GeoFence

The cleaner has logged in from the mobile app, GPS data was obtained and the cleaner signed in from outside the GeoFence.
This will show as Outside GeoFence/Outside GeoFence if both sign in and out were outside of the GeoFence. This is so you can click on each to see a map of where they signed in/out.


This is a manual entry added by a Manager or Supervisor (BETA) who has access to Cleanings Reports. For more information on Cleanings Report please click here.

GPS Error

This error can occur for multiple reasons such as a low quality/unstable signal or GPS error/failure on the device itself. This occurs when staff are using the mobile app.

Mandatory GeoFence Set
GPS data could not be obtained within 90 seconds of Sign In or Sign Out due to a technical reason. For example: a faulty device or a weak GPS signal. If GPS data can not be obtained within 90 seconds, Swept allows users to still have the ability to sign in/out of a Locations so they are able to work their shift and complete their work. If a mandatory GeoFence is set it will not allow staff to proceed if they do not have data (wifi or cell) and/or Location Services enabled for Swept.

No Mandatory GeoFence
This will also occur if location services have not been enabled on the users phone and they are set to off. 

No GeoFence

The cleaner is using their mobile app to sign in and out for their cleaning, but there is no GeoFence drawn at that location to reference their location.

Telephone Sign In/Out

This occurs when staff sign in/out using a landline with our IVR feature. Learn more about IVR (landline sign in) here. No GPS data can be gathered from the IVR technology but if the approved call in number is a landline at the location, it can be assumed the staff member is on site. 

SMS Sign In/Out

Sign in and sign out is completed by SMS and does not include GPS data. Learn more about our SMS sign in/out feature here.

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