Release 3.25.0 is the first release in 2018 with updated styling to the Swept Web Application.  These styling changes make the Swept Web App functional on a mobile browser, enabling web app functions on the go (adding cleaners, locations, creating schedules).  In addition, as we begin to improve our overall reporting features, we took steps to improve our exporting feature to be more universally compatible with .CSV formatting to simplify importing data from Swept to payroll platforms.  

These styling and report improvements changed some of user experience associated with our reports. 

Cleaning Reports:

User Action: Add or edit a cleaning, 

User Experience: Arrival Time and departure times have been changed to 30-minute increments, this can be overridden by typing in the box with the shift time. When you override the rounding, users must click away to retain their updates.  Typing “Enter” will default the time to the nearest 30-minute increment. 

User Action: Historical cleanings are added to a cleaning report. The shift being added is PRIOR to the date of the cleaning report.

User Experience: The date of the cleaning report must be adjusted to be equal to or before the date of the added shift to display the shift.  

User Action: The user wants to adjust the dates of the report they are viewing. 

User Experience: When creating a report, when using the date filter, the “from” date can’t be adjusted if it is after the “to” date.  This means when customers want to adjust report dates, it blocks them from adjusting the from date until they have updated the to date. 

View a video on these changes here:

Payroll Reports:

User Action: User clicks on payroll report. 

User Experience: Button pops up to download CSV by shift.

CHANGE: The CSV has updated headers and added a new column.  These changes now mean there is a column for the following:  Arrival time, Departure time, arrival date, departure date. Time format has been changed to a 24 hour format and the date updated to a YYYY-MM-DD format.

View a video on these changes here:


User Action: User wants to build a new schedule.

User Experience: When building a new schedule times have been changed to 30-minute increments. This can be overridden by typing the correct time in the box and navigating away, however clicking enter will cause the time to default to the closest 30-minute increment.

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